Hi Beautiful People! Some fresh news in the JungleSphere! My new single Waiting for Your Call is out! I am really happy & proud to present you this work.

jungle leez waiting for your call cover

Art cover design by Silvin Leblanc

–>Waiting for Your Call talks about:
How being in a long distance relationship, breaking up time to time is a usual « thing. During the separation, it is hard to handle the loneliness. At some point along the way, we have this little voice deep down who says « Come on, shut down your ego a bit and call ME ». Of course, along the way, we are always waiting for the other to do the first step… Haha.”

I worked on this song with Manu Mas (Under My Skin, Alive) & I-PKU (Galaxia, Alive), both great producers. We know each others very well so you can feel our alchemy in this project. The song was mixed & mastered by Trilian (who worked on my first album SUPANOVA) to whom we recognised a significant final touch.
WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO: Waiting For Your Call 

–>Go on your favourite link listen to it now: https://fanlink.to/W4YCall