-Helllllo World!!! Such an incredible time we are living now! With “Clint is Good” we decided this Summer 2020 that we will not stop doing what we love because the World seems upside down, and saw an opportunity to even push ourselves forward.
It is in those moments that we affirm really who we are. They say “No more music”, we give you more. They say no more “Live”, we’ll find another to gather, to share, to spread! No one will ever kill ART, CULTURE, LEISURE. Life is supposed to be FUN, ENJOYABLE, LOVING.
We hope with our song the FLOW , you will feel the need to get up and “DANCE & SING” your Life.
Our time on this Earth is very short – let’s make the best of it.

-That being said, we propose to you #theflowchallenge ! Send us a video of 15/20s with this hashtag, where you’re enjoying the present moment, sending positivity, love into this World! This challenge will be on until the 11.10.20

-We will review the videos, make a compilation and spread it like a snowball effect.
The winner of this challenge will receive £100, 100€, 100$… according to the value of your currency.

-All we ask you is to follow us on Spotify (adding the song to your playlist), or following our youtube channel, Instagram profile, Facebook page @jungleleez / @Clintisgood




Video directed by: Jungle Leez & Neyls
Director of Photography: Neyls
Edit: Elisabeth TONYE
Mix/Master: Trilian

Listen to the FLOW: /


-Helllllo World !!! Quelle époque incroyable et historique que nous vivons en ce moment! Cet été nous avons décidé que nous ne cesserons pas de faire ce que nous aimons parce que le monde “semble” aller l’envers. Au contraire, nous prenons cela comme une opportunité de nous surpasser davantage.
C’est dans ces moments-là que nous affirmons vraiment qui nous sommes et notre détermination dans la voie choisie. Ils disent “Plus de musique”, on vous en donne plus et à toute heure ! Ils nous disent plus de ”Live”, on trouvera toujours un moyen de se rassembler, de partager, de diffuser ! Personne ne tuera l’ART, la CULTURE, les DIVERTISSEMENTS. La Vie en elle même est censée être JOYEUSE, AGRÉABLE, ET LÉGÈRE.
Nous espérons qu’avec cette chanson “The FLOW” , vous ressentirez le besoin de vous lever et de «DANSER & CHANTER» votre vie.
Notre temps sur cette Terre est très court – profitons-en au mieux.

-Cela étant dit : nous vous proposons le #theflowchallenge! Envoyez-nous une vidéo de 15/20sec avec ce hashtag, où vous écoutez le son en appréciant le moment présent, envoyant de la positivité, et des bonnes vibes dans ce monde ! Ce challenge continuera jusqu’au 11.10.20.

-Après visionnage de vos vidéos, nous en ferons une compilation et la diffuserons sur nos réseaux en créant un effet boule de neige.

Le gagnant de ce challenge recevra £100 , 100€, 100$… selon la valeur de votre devise.

-En échange nous vous demandons de nous suivre sur Spotify (en ajoutant la chanson à une de votre playlist), en vous abonnant à nos chaînes youtube, profiles Instagram, pages Facebook @jungleleez / @Clintisgood



Réalisation : Jungle Leez & Neyls
Caméra : Neyls
Montage : Elisabeth TONYE
Mix/Master: Trilian

Écoutez “THE FLOW” : /

Back to simplicity with this homemade music video where I explore vintage and nostalgia of an already pretty busy life.

As soon as you open your eyes to this planet, you go through different stages, discovering the world, joy, pain, loneliness, hatred, love. Then RE-discovery of the “World”, the lies, the illusions, the disappointments, the revelations, the achievements, the abandonment, the forgiveness and the “I don’t care” let’s live the Life as much as we can! Yada yada…

But when we close our eyes, and reconnect to our essence, everything stops, the futile things stop, the worries disappear and the Silence becomes Divine. We are in what we call Peace of mind and Love of self. Let me know what you think below!


Dès lors que l’on ouvre les yeux dans cette planète, on passe par différentes étapes, découverte du monde, joie, peine, solitude, haine, amour. Puis RE-découverte du “Monde”, les mensonges, les illusions, les déceptions, les révélations, les réalisations, l’abandon, le pardon et le “je m’en foutisme” qui vivra verra ! Yada yada…

Mais quand on ferme les yeux, et qu’on se re-connecte à notre essence, tout s’arrête, les chose futiles cesses, les inquiétudes disparaissent et le silence devient Divin. On est dans ce qu’on appelle la Paix de l’esprit et l’Amour de soi. Dîtes-moi ce que vous en penser dans les commentaires!


Listen to my last album GOLDEN STONE:  

➡️Follow us: Jungle Leez: Instagram:


Facebook Page:…

MUSIC: Manu Mas

Youtube Channel:…

Facebook Page:



Mix/Master: Trilian


Hi my Junglesphere, I am back with a new album «Golden Stone» almost 3 years after « Supanova ». This second opus is a trip, an adventure to your Inner self; things, situations that you now refuse or choose. Your values, what you stand for, what makes you feel happy,
How do you see the world; how everything around us is evolving, rising, shaping into unique mold we never seen before.

I was lucky enough to work again with Trilian (Producer and sound engineer) who knows how to take my musical vision to a higher level.

I collaborated with Manu Mas (with whom I have done «Under my skin », « Come Over»…), in the tracks « Timeless », « The Law of the Jungle » and «Easy Come Easy Go ». We can feel the maturity of our collaboration which brought a special sound and production. My famous duo with Profetesa (who produced the first opus « Supanova ») is reunited in the powerful «Cuttin’ Ties» . New collaborations are shining with Vince Charpin and Khiks in the addictive « I want you », Aneeway Jones in the chill and soulful « Golden Stone », Intoishun in the intimate; The poet Souls Luvili who takes us in another dimension with the beautiful text “Concrete Jungle”, and Tone Jonez in the intense « Unethical », «Special Mood» & «No traffic zone».

I hope touching your soul with my voice and invite you to rediscover your true beauty, your Golden Stone.


Here some mind blowing visual made by Myriam Zouaki who with her talented was able to reproduce my #Junglesphere.

Hi Beautiful People! Some fresh news in the JungleSphere! My new single Waiting for Your Call is out! I am really happy & proud to present you this work.

jungle leez waiting for your call cover

Art cover design by Silvin Leblanc

–>Waiting for Your Call talks about:
How being in a long distance relationship, breaking up time to time is a usual « thing. During the separation, it is hard to handle the loneliness. At some point along the way, we have this little voice deep down who says « Come on, shut down your ego a bit and call ME ». Of course, along the way, we are always waiting for the other to do the first step… Haha.”

I worked on this song with Manu Mas (Under My Skin, Alive) & I-PKU (Galaxia, Alive), both great producers. We know each others very well so you can feel our alchemy in this project. The song was mixed & mastered by Trilian (who worked on my first album SUPANOVA) to whom we recognised a significant final touch.
WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO: Waiting For Your Call 

–>Go on your favourite link listen to it now:

capture d_écran 2019-01-08 à 10.41.40

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 to all of you!! We wish you to accomplish all your DREAMS and especially the craziest one!

A new single is coming the 8th of February on all your favourite platforms. You can already pre-save it on spotify Here.

A pre-order will be available on the 25th of January 2019

What is this single about: “« Waiting for Your Call » is a sensual Soul/Reggae ballad song. Being in a long distance relationship, breaking up time to time is a usual thing. During the separation, it’s challenging to handle the loneliness. At some point along the way, we have this little voice deep down who says « Come on, shut down your ego a bit and call me ». Of course we are always waiting for the other to do the first step… Haha.”

Jungle Leez worked with 2 talented producer: Manu Mas with who she did  the Electro Pop”Under My Skin” & “Alive”, and also I-PKU with who she did the Intersellar EP “Galaxia” and Alive too. The trio loves collaborating and will for sure create more in 2109.

Stay tuned & connected to your favourite social media platform.

jungle leez waiting for your call cover

Credits Pics & Illustration: Manu MAS & Silvin LEBLANC



“I have started Make Art Not War with the idea of writing a song each week according to what I was feeling, what I went through or message I received from others (friends, family, someone in the street, ANYONE). I am trully passionate about visual ART, video; I like to film to be filmed, It is my first passion actually. So I was excited to go back to this, filming myself everytime, editing, getting better and stronger. Learning new skills. Each video is accompagnied by a text explaining what is the message through this video and how the inspiration came.

to be honest I didn’t know what it will look like, all i knew was that I had to start, to jump, to go with the flow and see where i will be few months later.

Where am I now you will ask..? Well… After 12 weeks, we have 12 videos, 16 songs, a mixtape, more followers and fresh ideas for 2019. I am quiet satisfied & Proud. I can feel that this project is taking me somewhere I have not expected to go.

This mixtape took an other dimension when I asked for help to OLR talented Producer & Beatmaker from Serbia. He instantly understood my needs and vision and transformed those 16 songs in a final I didn’t expect.

All the beats in this mixtape are from talented beatmakers all around the World who truly inspired me through there music.

Streaming Link Here

Jungle Leez Makeartnotwar poster

Hi beautiful people! I decided to be more and more creative by using my Youtube Channel more often. I will weekly share with you my inspiration, raw or refine depending on my mood and the time I have. Join me on this journey and don’t forget to subscribe to my Channel to stay updated on my news.

Here the first video of #MakingArtNotWarProject “Succomber” a jazzy touch in French

Capture d_écran 2018-11-01 à 11.01.34

MAKE ART NOT WAR by Jungle Playlist:

“Mr. Spring” new single out now!

Mr. Spring by Jungle Leez

“Like a flower in the Winter who can not choose to live or die. I like to whisper to the weather, to make it change its state of mind.”




I am so pleased to present you GALAXIA, the 2nd EP of the talended producer I-PKU. This project has been mixed & mastered by the wonderful Adrien Louis-Joseph
It’s a different universe for me that I enjoyed travelling into, I hope you’ll do too!

#Cosmic #Authentic #Atomic




“You Came To Me”

Here one of the best performance of Jungle Leez. She found the inspiration in her personal Life, after having lived a painful heartbreak.

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