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A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 to all of you!! We wish you to accomplish all your DREAMS and especially the craziest one!

A new single is coming the 8th of February on all your favourite platforms. You can already pre-save it on spotify Here.

A pre-order will be available on the 25th of January 2019

What is this single about: “« Waiting for Your Call » is a sensual Soul/Reggae ballad song. Being in a long distance relationship, breaking up time to time is a usual thing. During the separation, it’s challenging to handle the loneliness. At some point along the way, we have this little voice deep down who says « Come on, shut down your ego a bit and call me ». Of course we are always waiting for the other to do the first step… Haha.”

Jungle Leez worked with 2 talented producer: Manu Mas with who she did  the Electro Pop”Under My Skin” & “Alive”, and also I-PKU with who she did the Intersellar EP “Galaxia” and Alive too. The trio loves collaborating and will for sure create more in 2109.

Stay tuned & connected to your favourite social media platform.

jungle leez waiting for your call coverCredits Pics & Illustration: Manu MAS & Silvin LEBLANC


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