Hi my Junglesphere, I am back with a new album «Golden Stone» almost 3 years after « Supanova ». This second opus is a trip, an adventure to your Inner self; things, situations that you now refuse or choose. Your values, what you stand for, what makes you feel happy,
How do you see the world; how everything around us is evolving, rising, shaping into unique mold we never seen before.

I was lucky enough to work again with Trilian (Producer and sound engineer) who knows how to take my musical vision to a higher level.

I collaborated with Manu Mas (with whom I have done «Under my skin », « Come Over»…), in the tracks « Timeless », « The Law of the Jungle » and «Easy Come Easy Go ». We can feel the maturity of our collaboration which brought a special sound and production. My famous duo with Profetesa (who produced the first opus « Supanova ») is reunited in the powerful «Cuttin’ Ties» . New collaborations are shining with Vince Charpin and Khiks in the addictive « I want you », Aneeway Jones in the chill and soulful « Golden Stone », Intoishun in the intimate; The poet Souls Luvili who takes us in another dimension with the beautiful text “Concrete Jungle”, and Tone Jonez in the intense « Unethical », «Special Mood» & «No traffic zone».

I hope touching your soul with my voice and invite you to rediscover your true beauty, your Golden Stone.


Here some mind blowing visual made by Myriam Zouaki who with her talented was able to reproduce my #Junglesphere.

Hey guys! New single & Music Video right here:

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capture d_écran 2019-01-08 à 10.41.40

A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 to all of you!! We wish you to accomplish all your DREAMS and especially the craziest one!

A new single is coming the 8th of February on all your favourite platforms. You can already pre-save it on spotify Here.

A pre-order will be available on the 25th of January 2019

What is this single about: “« Waiting for Your Call » is a sensual Soul/Reggae ballad song. Being in a long distance relationship, breaking up time to time is a usual thing. During the separation, it’s challenging to handle the loneliness. At some point along the way, we have this little voice deep down who says « Come on, shut down your ego a bit and call me ». Of course we are always waiting for the other to do the first step… Haha.”

Jungle Leez worked with 2 talented producer: Manu Mas with who she did  the Electro Pop”Under My Skin” & “Alive”, and also I-PKU with who she did the Intersellar EP “Galaxia” and Alive too. The trio loves collaborating and will for sure create more in 2109.

Stay tuned & connected to your favourite social media platform.

jungle leez waiting for your call coverCredits Pics & Illustration: Manu MAS & Silvin LEBLANC

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